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How To Leverage Intrinsic Motivation In Your Team


When we are motivated to perform a job because of how we feel about the activity itself and not because we will receive a reward, this is known as intrinsic motivation. Our motivation to complete the work stems from within ourselves, not from outside forces.

Leveraging intrinsic motivation in your team can lead to increased engagement, productivity, and satisfaction among team members.

Here are some things you can do to help your team.

Restrict External Benefits

The odd batch of donuts in the break room can serve as a token of appreciation for everyone’s labor of love. However, as soon as you link such incentives to achievement, you run the danger of undermining people’s natural motivations in favor of transient gains. 

Keep your material prizes for rare occasions only. You might reward someone with a gift card for exceeding their sales goals or putting in additional time to meet a tight deadline.

Encourage Skill Development 

Encourage the professional growth of your team members. Provide workshops, training, and chances for development. People are more driven to succeed when they can show improvement in their skills.

Allow Time For Passion Projects

Give team members the chance to work on assignments that are related to their hobbies or passions. Their intrinsic drive may be raised if you let them follow their passions at work.

Create A Sense Of Purpose

Educate your team members on the greater significance and effects of their work. Tell them about the organization’s mission and how their donations fit in with it. When they believe their work has a significant purpose, people are more driven.

Provide A Supportive Environment

Make sure your staff gets the materials and equipment they need to perform their jobs well. Team members may concentrate on their tasks and keep their intrinsic motivation high in a supportive atmosphere that removes barriers and obstructions.

Encourage Feedback & Open Communication

Establish a space where team members may freely share their thoughts and offer feedback. Frequently ask for their opinion on choices that will impact their job. By showing them that you are interested in their feedback, you may encourage drive and a sense of responsibility.

You can build a motivated, empowered team that lives on attaining greatness by utilizing intrinsic motivation inside your team. Emphasize empowering autonomy, establishing a culture of purpose, and offering chances for advancement and reward. Keep in mind that fostering and supporting intrinsic drive is a constant process rather than a one-time event. You’ll see your team members blossom and increase their performance as you put these methods into practice.

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